ElasticRun technology platform enables aggregation of resources from Kirana stores and small businesses, to create asset light logistics network

Technology enabling partner driven operations

Partner driven operations

Platform enables aggregation of partners and their assets. The technology orchestrates execution of micro tasks among multiple partners to deliver a business outcome.

Trust Engine

Technology enables accurate measurement of work done by partners, imbibes transparency and ensures timely payments. Technology at the core of building and maintaining a high trust ecosystem.

Technology powered by data

Six sigma quality engine

Continuous monitoring and benchmarking of operational metrics data ensures operational delivery at six sigma quality levels

ML engines for cost optimisations

ML data engines continuously scan operational data points to eliminate redundant activities to optimise costs.

Big data engines for efficiency improvements

Deploying statistical analytics for finding patterns in network utilisation and recommend changes to optimise for improved efficiency

AI for risk management

Artificial intelligence technology for predicting and preventing risks associated with partners

Blitz scale ready technology platform

Mobile first

Cloud native


Event driven

Data driven