Asset-light logistics network built by aggregating kirana stores and small businesses through technology

ElasticRun is helping businesses reach traditionally unserviced consumers

Enabled eCommerce access to 100+ mn customers unserved till date

Powered 100+ FMCG brands to directly reach 100k+ small stores in rural India

Enabled National Financial Institutions to rollout credit offering to 100k rural stores

ElasticRun would continue to extend reach of newer products to Indian customers

The asset-light advantage...

ElasticRun platform enables reach to low density regions unserviced till date

Elastic capacity enables upto 4X flex from base capacity in real time

Variable cost enables consistent low cost operations throughout the year

Our national footprint

so far, and growing...

ElasticRun platform is poised to be the consumption infrastructure of India

ElasticRun platform would channel trade, finance and data of $500 bn consumption in India