ElasticRun helps eCommerce companies extend their reach to low density rural areas and scale on demand in urban areas

eCommerce companies can access low demand upcountry areas at low variable costs

eCommerce companies can seamlessly service high density areas with dynamically changing demands leveraging on-demand flex of ElasticRun platform

eCommerce - ElasticRun advantage

ElasticRun variable cost model enables consistent low cost operations throughout the year

ElasticRun variable capacity model enables upto 4X flex from base capacity in real time

ElasticRun technology guided operations help deliver top notch quality across the network for every shipment

Data driven solutions help optimise business processes while auto tuning operational excellence

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Powered 100+ FMCG brands to directly reach 100k+ small stores in rural India

Enabled National Financial Institutions to rollout credit offering to 100k rural stores